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What do Music Catalog Buyers Look For?

The music industry has witnessed a surge in the buying and selling of music catalogs, with entities like the ICM Crescendo Music Royalty Fund emerging as significant players in this space. These transactions aren't just business deals; they represent the passing on of a musical legacy. Whether you're a songwriter, artist, band, producer, label, or publisher, understanding the process of selling your music rights is crucial.

What do Music Catalog Buyer Look for and Want to Know:

  1. Earnings History: A critical aspect of the sale is providing a comprehensive earnings history spanning at least three years. This data helps the buyer assess the catalog's performance and future revenue potential.

  2. Required Documentation: Sellers should have their financial records in order, including CSV/Excel files and PDF statements. These documents offer a detailed insight into the earnings and are vital for the evaluation process.

  3. Understanding Agreements: It's essential to provide either the actual agreements or a summary of them. This allows buyers to understand the specific rights they're acquiring and any associated distribution fees or terms. Clarity in agreements ensures a smoother transaction process and helps establish transparent expectations on both sides.

The Importance of a Well-Prepared Catalog: For sellers, the preparation of their music catalog for sale is a critical step. Well-organized and clearly documented financial records, along with a thorough understanding of the agreements in place, not only streamline the sales process but also potentially increase the attractiveness of the catalog to buyers.

A Buyer's Profile: The ICM Crescendo Music Royalty Fund has closed on multiple catalogs in the last few years. The fund is focusing on catalogs that have generated earnings of over $200,000 in the past twelve months, and catalogs that have at least 3 years of earnings history. They are interested in a wide range of rights, including the writer's share, master rights, artist royalties, publishing rights, producer royalties, and neighboring rights.

Music Catalog Acquisitions by a Music Catalog Buyer
Musics Catalog Acquisitions by ICM Crescendo in 2023

Conclusion: Selling your music catalog is a significant decision, one that can have profound implications for your financial and artistic future. Entities like the ICM Crescendo Music Royalty Fund offer a professional and comprehensive approach to these transactions, ensuring that your musical legacy is valued and continues to resonate with audiences worldwide. For those considering such a step, meticulous preparation and a clear understanding of your catalog's worth are essential to ensure a successful and beneficial sale.

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