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We invest in artists.
We invest in songwriters.
We invest in producers.
We invest in

Crescendo Royalty acquires music rights from artists, bands, songwriters, producer, labels and publishers. If you have a back catalog for sale, contact us so we can evaluate it and submit an offer.

Our objective is to provide a reliable stream of income for investors looking to acquire revenue generating from music royalties.

Why Artists, Songwriters, and Producers Sell

Fund Your Own Future

If you get an advance, you only recoup against your share while the label makes all the profit on the share they own. Selling your back catalog can give you the cash to keep all the revenue on your futures. 

Enjoy Your Life

Get paid for your work and spend the money on things you want. 


Capital Gains tax is lower than income tax. Depending on your rights you could end up paying less in taxes by selling instead of paying income taxes every year. 

Long Term Cash flow

You will not be able to realize all the value of your music rights in your life time as Copyrights are for the life of artist + 70 Years. If you do not sell you will miss out on at least 70 years of revenue. 

Why Invest in Music Rights?

Diversify Your Portfolio

People will most likely always be listening to music regardless of what the stock market is doing.

Multiple revenue streams

Platforms like Youtube, Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Tidal, SiriusXM and 100+ other entities pay music royalties.

Regulated To Protect OwneRS

Global collection societies and performing rights organizations provide rights administration, licensing, and royalty services for the music industry. 

Long Term Cash flow

Copyrights are for the life of artist + 70 Years.

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